Sunday, April 29, 2012

Massie Hairstyle

Massie Block is admired by most girls, because of her beauty and smart comebacks. Personally when I read the books I imagine her amber eyes intense, but with her hairstyle she can make innocent brown eyes look intense. But anyways this is how to do her hairstyle. What you'll need is

  • hairbrush
  • medium curling iron
  • hairspray (optional)
  • heat protector (optional)
Heat up your curling iron, and while waiting brush your hair smooth and spray heat protector in it. Massie would most likely spray in heat protector to protect her hair and keep it full. That what my friend and I do when we use heated hair stuff like curling irons. If you have longer hair this will be easy. Curl your hair up to about your ear, maybe a little lower. Then if you have bangs curl them upward. It's rather simple. Then spray your hair with hairspray. Make sure you have no strays, it will ruin the look. 

Thanks for reading my blog people I'm sorry my pictures stink my camera wont let me upload :(

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