Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Dylan Marvil Weekend look

Well, if you must know I'm very obsessed with Hunger Games. But next to that the clique. But even though my hair is Strawberry Blonde, which means I'm a bit of a ginger I'm not like Dylan at all. I'm like Massie or Alicia. But anyways this style is very simple. You need a
  • Straightener (hot iron)
  • Hairbrush
  • Cloth headband
  • Heat Protector (optional) 
As your hot iron straightener heats up, spray heat protector in your hair and brush till it's very soft and silky (my next blog is how to get your hair like that). Begin straightening your hair. Many times till it's soft and silky like in the photo at the bottom of this page. After doing so put the Cloth headband in your hair. Like in the picture.

 I think she resembles the style much better than my hair would even though her's in professionally done. (: I'd like to thank one my friends Swarly for inspiring this idea for me, but she doesn't have a blog sooo yea. 

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