Sunday, April 15, 2012

District 4/ Glimmer (From 1) Hairstyle

 As mentioned at (copy then paste) I am pretty obsessed with the Hunger Games while District 4 or Glimmer are not my favorite some people may like them. When I think of this hairstyle I think it'd be perfect for those of you with the patience for fishing or just a flowy look So Lets get started you will need:
2 elastics
2 ponytails (optional)
Bobby Pins (optional)
 First part your hair down the center and make 2 low pigtails. (With the ponytails make them loose) Split one pigtail into 2 sections. Take a tiny strand from one section and cross it over the other, and repeat with the other side going back and forth it creates a fishtail look. When you reach the bottom of your hair tie it with an elastic and carefully take out the ponytail by your ear. Repeat on other side. When complete if you have bangs pull them back with bobby pins.

I'd like to thank my friend ( )  (copy and paste) for inspiring this idea for me.

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