Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hunger Games: Foxface Arena and Interveiw Hairstyle

Foxface: Arena
This style isn't just for fighting to the death, I think it's a beachy look. If your style is beachy this hairstyle completely matches your style. Okay first I should tell you what somethings you should have a:
2 elastics
2 ponytails
Bobby Pins (optional)
hairspray (optional)
Take a brush and part your hair down the center and then split the back apart into 2 equal parts like pigtails. Then make pull back pigtails that are at least 1 1/2 away from your ear but no higher than your ear. Twist one pigtail till it's twisted then coils it around the elastic. Wrap the ponytail around it. Clip your bangs back with the bobby pins if you need to. Spray on hairspray if again your hair is fine. (Sorry about the picture being blurry I'm working on uploading some pictures thanks for waiting)

Foxface Interview:
This style is so cute especially for a wedding and if you have annoying sidebangs like me it's a perfectly cute style. This style requires curling iron of a medium or small size NOT large it would ruin the effect. You will need a lot of things and some are optional to make your hair look more successful, you will need:
Small or Medium Curling iron
2 ponytails
fake hair pony (optional)
hair spray (optional)
Heat up your curl iron. (part your hair down the middle so your side bangs are split up) After it's heated curl tiny sections no higher than your ear. After completing this through the entire hair curl your side bangs all the way. Then pull back your hair into a half up half down. Then do a polyanna knot which is just twisting it and coiling it around the ponytail. If you are using fake hair pony put it on after you complete the polyanna knot but make sure it matches your hair color. (;

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