Sunday, April 29, 2012

Massie Hairstyle

Massie Block is admired by most girls, because of her beauty and smart comebacks. Personally when I read the books I imagine her amber eyes intense, but with her hairstyle she can make innocent brown eyes look intense. But anyways this is how to do her hairstyle. What you'll need is

  • hairbrush
  • medium curling iron
  • hairspray (optional)
  • heat protector (optional)
Heat up your curling iron, and while waiting brush your hair smooth and spray heat protector in it. Massie would most likely spray in heat protector to protect her hair and keep it full. That what my friend and I do when we use heated hair stuff like curling irons. If you have longer hair this will be easy. Curl your hair up to about your ear, maybe a little lower. Then if you have bangs curl them upward. It's rather simple. Then spray your hair with hairspray. Make sure you have no strays, it will ruin the look. 

Thanks for reading my blog people I'm sorry my pictures stink my camera wont let me upload :(

Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to get your hair soft, silky, and shiny easy tips

We all want that beautiful hair the models in seventeen or us weekly or zinc have. But how is it done without lots of help from pros? Remember that those models seem perfect but even the perfect model isn't perfect enough. I'd like to thank my communications teacher for telling my class that. (No communications isn't about languages my sister asks that ALL the time, it's various things like good listening skills, and looking inside people, it's hard to explain). Anyways I got off track. These are things people think work that don't
  • Brushing your hair 100 times before bed
  • Putting detangler in your hair and brushing 100 times
  • Water
  • Hairspray
I think what works the best to make your hair shiny is in the shower instead of rinsing in hot water rinse off the shampoo and conditioner in cold water. It also helps your skin because hot water damages skin. Brush your hair in the morning and before bed for silky and soft. Always brush a lot before curling, straightening, etc. This will give it a soft look. Another way to achieve softness is putting your hair in a ponytail for a week or more. It makes it so soft. It's like a soft baby kitten.

This is a good example for a straightened soft, silky, shiny hair

A Dylan Marvil Weekend look

Well, if you must know I'm very obsessed with Hunger Games. But next to that the clique. But even though my hair is Strawberry Blonde, which means I'm a bit of a ginger I'm not like Dylan at all. I'm like Massie or Alicia. But anyways this style is very simple. You need a
  • Straightener (hot iron)
  • Hairbrush
  • Cloth headband
  • Heat Protector (optional) 
As your hot iron straightener heats up, spray heat protector in your hair and brush till it's very soft and silky (my next blog is how to get your hair like that). Begin straightening your hair. Many times till it's soft and silky like in the photo at the bottom of this page. After doing so put the Cloth headband in your hair. Like in the picture.

 I think she resembles the style much better than my hair would even though her's in professionally done. (: I'd like to thank one my friends Swarly for inspiring this idea for me, but she doesn't have a blog sooo yea. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Braided Loops

This is a easy casual look. My picture is bad because the American Girl Services are the only ones I've seen do it correctly. This style is a little old fashion, but hey if you haven't notice fashion is traveling backwards. I'd say that we are in mid 70's. But anyways you will need...:
  • 4 elastics
  • Hairbrush
  • Ribbons (optional)
This style is soo easy. Part your hair down the center then, do 2 low braids. Flip them so the ends are tucked under where your braid starts or by your ears. Tie with elastics and if wanted ribbon. That's it. To fun it up add crazy extensions pink, blue, purple. It will make your style cool.

Like I said no great. Lower the braids though or else you'll look like Laura Ingles...we aren't that fair in history yet for fashion.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

District 4/ Glimmer (From 1) Hairstyle

 As mentioned at (copy then paste) I am pretty obsessed with the Hunger Games while District 4 or Glimmer are not my favorite some people may like them. When I think of this hairstyle I think it'd be perfect for those of you with the patience for fishing or just a flowy look So Lets get started you will need:
2 elastics
2 ponytails (optional)
Bobby Pins (optional)
 First part your hair down the center and make 2 low pigtails. (With the ponytails make them loose) Split one pigtail into 2 sections. Take a tiny strand from one section and cross it over the other, and repeat with the other side going back and forth it creates a fishtail look. When you reach the bottom of your hair tie it with an elastic and carefully take out the ponytail by your ear. Repeat on other side. When complete if you have bangs pull them back with bobby pins.

I'd like to thank my friend ( )  (copy and paste) for inspiring this idea for me.

Hunger Games: Foxface Arena and Interveiw Hairstyle

Foxface: Arena
This style isn't just for fighting to the death, I think it's a beachy look. If your style is beachy this hairstyle completely matches your style. Okay first I should tell you what somethings you should have a:
2 elastics
2 ponytails
Bobby Pins (optional)
hairspray (optional)
Take a brush and part your hair down the center and then split the back apart into 2 equal parts like pigtails. Then make pull back pigtails that are at least 1 1/2 away from your ear but no higher than your ear. Twist one pigtail till it's twisted then coils it around the elastic. Wrap the ponytail around it. Clip your bangs back with the bobby pins if you need to. Spray on hairspray if again your hair is fine. (Sorry about the picture being blurry I'm working on uploading some pictures thanks for waiting)

Foxface Interview:
This style is so cute especially for a wedding and if you have annoying sidebangs like me it's a perfectly cute style. This style requires curling iron of a medium or small size NOT large it would ruin the effect. You will need a lot of things and some are optional to make your hair look more successful, you will need:
Small or Medium Curling iron
2 ponytails
fake hair pony (optional)
hair spray (optional)
Heat up your curl iron. (part your hair down the middle so your side bangs are split up) After it's heated curl tiny sections no higher than your ear. After completing this through the entire hair curl your side bangs all the way. Then pull back your hair into a half up half down. Then do a polyanna knot which is just twisting it and coiling it around the ponytail. If you are using fake hair pony put it on after you complete the polyanna knot but make sure it matches your hair color. (;

Alicia Rivera Hair

This style requires patience and lots of it. Personally I recommend this on a two-hour late start or doing it on the weekend and getting the hang of it first so you don't use all your morning time, because we all know girls need plenty of time in the morning. For best results I would suggest different sizes of curling irons, and longer hair. Shoulder and higher will make this style very difficult. Layers also helps complete the style. If your hair is fine hairspray might be calling your name because flyaways stink.

First heat up your curling iron(s). While they are heating take this time to brush your teeth, clean your face, get dressed, brush your hair, etc. DON'T LEAVE THEM PLUGGED IN AND GO EAT! This could start a fire. After they are heated take it section at a time,by pulling out a section and putting the rest in a ponytail but don't put the curled hair in a pony for this will wreak it. Randomizing taking big and small sizes curl your hair, like in the picture shown. Also in the picture her hair looks natural so don't over use the hair spray. After your done shake your head to loosen the curls and pull a tiny head band in your hair if you have side
 bangs and they drive you crazy or don't look right. This hair is similar to Massie's hair which is below.