Sunday, April 15, 2012

Alicia Rivera Hair

This style requires patience and lots of it. Personally I recommend this on a two-hour late start or doing it on the weekend and getting the hang of it first so you don't use all your morning time, because we all know girls need plenty of time in the morning. For best results I would suggest different sizes of curling irons, and longer hair. Shoulder and higher will make this style very difficult. Layers also helps complete the style. If your hair is fine hairspray might be calling your name because flyaways stink.

First heat up your curling iron(s). While they are heating take this time to brush your teeth, clean your face, get dressed, brush your hair, etc. DON'T LEAVE THEM PLUGGED IN AND GO EAT! This could start a fire. After they are heated take it section at a time,by pulling out a section and putting the rest in a ponytail but don't put the curled hair in a pony for this will wreak it. Randomizing taking big and small sizes curl your hair, like in the picture shown. Also in the picture her hair looks natural so don't over use the hair spray. After your done shake your head to loosen the curls and pull a tiny head band in your hair if you have side
 bangs and they drive you crazy or don't look right. This hair is similar to Massie's hair which is below.

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